Terms & Conditions

As the author of the attached screenplay/logline/treatment (the “Material”), I agree and understand that Skubalon receives many ideas, formats, stories, suggestions, and other materials which it does not solicit or otherwise request and that Skubalon generally does not consider, or review unsolicited material unless the person submitting the material has signed this Agreement. I acknowledge and agree that I may submit my material to other producers at any time. If Skubalon wishes to use the Material or any elements or aspects of the Material for any purpose, then I agree to negotiate in good faith to reach a written Agreement covering Skubalon’s use of the Material and any compensation or payment (if any) in connection therewith. I am not waiving, and this Agreement will not limit, my copyright of the Material. I understand that Skubalon may use in any fashion: a) any matter which is made available to Skubalon by other sources, and which contains elements or aspects which are similar to protectable literary property contained in the Material; and/or b) any elements of aspects contained in the Material which is not original with me, new, unique, concrete, and novel and/or which is in the public domain. I will not sue Skubalon or bring any action or proceeding against Skubalon if Skubalon uses such matter, and I acknowledge and agree that Skubalon is entitled to an injunction or other equitable remedy if such a suit, action, or proceeding is brought. Skubalon has no obligations to me (including any obligation to compensate or make payments to me, unless Skubalon expressly agreed to so. I hereby state that: a) the Material was created and is owned free and clear of all other interests only by me; and b) I have full right to submit the Material to Skubalon and to comply with this Agreement. I will fully reimburse Skubalon if Skubalon incurs any losses, damages, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) because any or all of the statements made by me in this Agreement are not true. If either Skubalon or I transfer, assign, or license any rights under this Agreement, the person making the transfer, assignment, or license will still be responsible for performing his/her/its obligation under this Agreement. If more than one party sends this Agreement as the submitting party, then references to "I" or "me" throughout this Agreement shall apply to each such party, jointly and severally. Skubalon has made no representation, oral or written, of any kind to me. This Agreement states our entire agreement. This Agreement is governed by and construed under the laws of the State of California, applicable to agreements entered into and to be fully performed therein.